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Learn by doing

Look up and see the world

We’re big believers that the best way to learn is through hands-on experience. Build real-world skills and make valuable connections through our internships, study abroad opportunities and research programs.


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Put all that knowledge into practice

Our internships and co-op programs are a chance to apply all you’ve learned in the classroom to real-life situations. Leverage McGill’s global connections to build on-the-job skills and make sure your CV stands out.

From the Clinton Foundation and the United Nations Refugee Agency to the Canadian Space Agency and CBC Radio, you can take your pick of placements to kick-start your career.

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Study somewhere new

Love to travel? Our study abroad opportunities open up a world of possibilities to explore. They’re a chance to experience a new culture and maybe even pick up a new language while you learn.

Choose from 150+ partner institutions around the globe—from Argentina to Australia, from Spain to Singapore. Whether you’re majoring in poli sci, engineering or anything in between, we’ve got the study abroad opportunity for you.

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Research at McGill has led to some of the world’s key discoveries. McGill’s pioneers and current trailblazers have pushed the limits of the unknown, including everything from green chemistry to nanotechnology, the science of food and the secrets of DNA.

Why should you care? Because while many universities reserve top faculty members and research experiences for graduate students, McGill breaks the mould. Our undergraduate students have the opportunity to learn from and alongside professors who are actively contributing to research that is changing our world.

Want to be a part of the next big discovery? Talk to your favourite professor about becoming a research assistant, or check out these undergraduate research programs:

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